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Market conditions, interest rates, and economic, regulatory, or financial developments could significantly affect the real estate industry, and these securities could react similarly to these or other developments.

The real estate industry is particularly sensitive to economic downturns. The value of securities of issuers in the real estate industry can be affected by changes in real estate values and rental income, property taxes, interest rates, and tax and regulatory requirements.

The management, experience, knowledge and capability of the company also affect the
performance of our business and our ability to properly run our business. Past performance is not a guarantee of future success.


The funds raised from private lenders will be used to invest in residential properties in the United States. We will use these funds to purchase such properties and improve their condition and appearance and then sell these properties. Some properties may be used for a rent to own or lease to own investment. Other, similar forms of real estate investment in residential properties may also be made.